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Experiments in Behavioural Economics: Methodology and Applications
University / Organization
Radboud University
The Netherlands
Academic level
Both Msc and PhD
Course director
Course lecturer(s)
Nadia Shilova Associate professor National Research University Higher School of Economics Moscow, Russia Mario Rosario Guarracino Staff researcher Italian National Research Council Rome, Italy
Course aim
After this course you are able to: - Understand behavioral patterns of economic agents; - Improve own decision making schemes and make better decisions; - Design and perform economic experiments given marketing or governmental policy aims; - Analyse the results of the experiments; - Give policy suggestions in the related spheres.
Course contents / programme
The suggested course is a combination of lectures regarding the main insights from behavioral economics and the methodology of the both lab experiments and network analysis on people's economic behavior. A usual complaint about economic theory courses we hear from students sounds like "but it does not work like this in real life!" Unfortunately, studying general cases takes too much time to explain that life is a special case of a general rule. During the suggested course we will reconcile theory and practice: we will see how mental and emotional filters shape the choice people make personally and as a group within experimental setup and via social networks. This will be done in a form of experiments and analysis of experimental results. You will be given appropriate methodology and in the end of the course you will design your own experiment aimed at suggestions in public policy or business strategy.
Required Knowledge and preparation
Teaching methods
Course type
Summer School
Consecutive days
Online course
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Course fee
€600, 10-25% early bird + partner discount if you apply before March 1st, 2019.
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