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Course title
Animal Navigation
University / Organization
Radboud University
The Netherlands
Academic level
Both Msc and PhD
Donders Institute
Course director
Course lecturer(s)
Tansu Celikel Proffesor and Chair of Neurophysiology & Department Head Department of Neurophysiology Donders Institute Science Faculty Radboud University H. Freya Ólafsdóttir Assistant Professor Department of Neurophysiology Donders Institute Science Faculty Radboud University
Course aim
After this course you are able to: Analyse sensation, perception and action in terms of basic operational principles of the brain, Relate principles of neural representations from small-scale networks to larger-scale functional maps in the brain, Identify the neural structures and circuits that encode navigation, Discuss the minimal circuit requirements to drive animal navigation.
Course contents / programme
Have you wondered how we navigate? How does the brain orchestrate computations that enable the wanderer in us? If so, join us to learn from world-leading experts about the neural basis of spatial navigation. In this course, we will follow the footsteps of Sherrington and learn how the brain performs egocentric and allocentric computations to drive navigation. Lectures by world-leading experts of navigation will be complemented with hands-on demonstrations (in collaboration with MuZIEum), including a guided navigation of downtown Nijmegen with your eyes closed.
Required Knowledge and preparation
Teaching methods
Course type
Summer School
Consecutive days
Online course
Duration (net days)
2 ECTS credits
Course fee
€650, 10-25% early bird + partner discount if you apply before March 1, 2019.
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Paper submission required?
- Motivation letter - CV (including list of relevant prior coursework and grades) - 1-2 reference letters (strongly recommended)
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