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Fluid Preservation
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Transmitting Science
Sabadell (Barcelona)
Academic level
Both Msc and PhD
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Dr. Simon Moore (Natural Sciences and Cutlery Historian, United Kingdom) John E. Simmons (Museologica, United States of America)
Course aim
1st Edition FLUID PRESERVATION November 12th-16th, 2018, Barcelona (Spain) Topic: Museums and Collections In this course, conservator Simon Moore, assisted by John E. Simmons, will present a series of lectures, discussions, and supervised hands-on laboratory activities on the evaluation, conservation, and preservation of fluid-preserved specimens. Topics to be covered include the history of fluid preservation, histology and morphology of fluid-preserved specimens, and techniques including narcotization, fixation and re-fixation, transfer between preservatives, fluid preservative options, identification of historic sealants, specimen repair, and how to work with historic and modern fluid-preserved specimens. Participants will learn to cut, grind, and drill filler holes in a glass; rehydrate desiccated specimens and remove air bubbles from them; mount specimens on glass backing plates; seal containers, cope with fungal and bacterial outbreaks, and work with transparencies. During the course, participants will become acquainted with the evaluation of a range of preservative fluids for zoological and botanical specimens, including preservation of colour in specimens.
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Online course
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November 12th-16th, 2018
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