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Control for Cyber-Physical Systems
University / Organization
Dutch Institute of Systems and Control
The Netherlands
Academic level
Doctoral (PhD)
Course director
Alberto Bemporad, Maurice Heemels
Course lecturer(s)
• Prof. Girish Nair, University of Melbourne, Australia • Prof. Ricardo Sanfelice, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA • Prof. Paulo Tabuada , University of California, Los Angeles, USA • Prof. Alberto Bemporad , IMT Lucca, Italy • Prof. Kim Larsen, Aalborg University, Denmark • Prof. Sebastian Engell, University of Dortmund, Germany • Prof. Ming Cao, University of Groningen, NL • Prof. Bart De Schutter, Delft University of Technology, NL • Prof. Kanat Camlibel, Groningen University, NL • Prof. Maurice Heemels, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL
Course aim
Scope Since 1990, DISC has successfully organized yearly summer schools on various topics pertinent to theoretical and practical aspects of systems and control, with an international audience of about 40-60 participants. Together with the graduate course program that is maintained by DISC, the summer schools form part of the educational facilities that DISC offers to PhD students in systems theory and control engineering. The main goal of the summer schools is to familiarize young researchers with recent developments in systems and control as well as in neighboring disciplines, and to provide them with the opportunity to enjoy, in an informal atmosphere, discussions with top researchers in systems and control. The summer schools also provide an opportunity for DISC staff members and others to upgrade their knowledge of specific areas of interest. Cyber-physical systems The design of next generation smart electricity grids, intelligent transportation, electron microscopy and high-end printing requires a tight coordination between computation, communication and control elements (the cyber part) on the one hand, and physical processes such as heating, cooling, motion, vibrations, etc. (the physical part) on the other hand. Despite the need for integrated design of these so-called cyber-physical systems (CPS), the corresponding scientific disciplines (control, computer science, etc.) have predominantly developed independently. Novel system architectures and systematic design methods are needed to realize the integrated design of the CPS of the future. In this 4-day summer school lectures will cover the main concepts, results and contributions in the area of Cyber-Physical Systems emphasising the prominent role played by control theory and technology in it. Topics will include control over communication networks security of CPS resource-aware control wireless and networked control formal methods in control hybrid systems multi-agent systems distributed and decentralized control, and important applications.
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Course type
Summer School
Consecutive days
Online course
Duration (net days)
1,5 ECTS
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The registration fees are: 1000,- Euro for non-DISC members (register before April 15 2015) 800,- Euro for DISC-students and DISC-members (register before April 15 2015). After April 15 2015 the registration fees are: 1150,- Euro for non-DISC members
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