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Course title
Process Research Methods
University / Organization
VU University Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Academic level
Both Msc and PhD
Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI)
De Boelelaan 1105, 1081HV Amsterdam
Course director
Dr. Hans Berends
Course lecturer(s)
Dr. Hans Berends
Course aim
After finishing this course, participants have developed their (1) understanding of process theorizing and different approaches to process research in management and organization studies; (2) ability to make and justify choices in the design of process research and (3) ability to apply qualitative and quantitative methods of process analysis.
Course contents / programme
Most of the phenomena investigated by management and organization scholars evolve over time. This includes processes at various levels, such as team development, innovation, organizational change, interorganizational collaboration, and institutionalization. Process research methods have been developed to capture the dynamics of how such phenomena unfold over time, without reducing them to dependent or independent variables. This course provides an introduction to these process research methods. It provides the philosophical and theoretical background to process thinking, methods for collecting process data, and qualitative and quantitative methods for analyzing process data.
Required Knowledge and preparation
This is an advanced course that assumes prior knowledge on qualitative research methods. There are requested readings that should have been read prior to class.
Teaching methods
The course is organized around three full day sessions in May 2015 and individual assignments. Each session is dedicated to one aspect of process research methods, and will consist of two parts: an interactive morning part in which the topic is introduced and an afternoon part in which participants work on and discuss an assignment. Participants are expected to come well prepared to these sessions.
In the assignments, the participants apply process research methods to their own research projects (if possible). An assignment has to be made in advance of each session and these three assignments have to be combined into a final assignment. All participants are expected to complete this assignment individually. Participants receive two grades: one grade for the assignments associated with the three sessions and class participation (40%) and one grade for the final individual assignment (60%). The final score is the weighted average of these two grades. PhD candidates receive a pass/fail mark on the basis of their assignments. All participants receive 3 ECTS after successful completion of the course.
Course type
PhD course
Consecutive days
Online course
Duration (net days)
Course fee
€ 300
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