Course information

Course title
KIN Summer School 2015: Knowledge, Information and Innovation Research
University / Organization
VU University Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Academic level
Doctoral (PhD)
Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI) & KIN Research Group
De Boelelaan 1105, 1081HV Amsterdam
Course director
Prof. dr. Marleen Huysman
Course lecturer(s)
Marleen Huysman (VU University Amsterdam), Samer Faraj (McGill University, Canada), Raghu Garud (Penn State University USA), Michael Barrett (Cambridge Judge Business School, UK), Ulrike Schultze (Cox Business School SMU, USA)
Course aim
The summer school is designed to help develop the insights and skills of the participants in theory development and methodologies within the multi-disciplinary field of knowledge, information and innovation (KIN).
Course contents / programme
(1) Introduction; theoretical aspects on Knowledge, Innovation and Information (KIN); (2) Knowledge Collaboration in Online Communities; (3) Identity Work in Virtual Environments; (4) Sociomaterial Practices and Service Innovations; (5) Architecture of Complexity and Digital Memory.
Required Knowledge and preparation
The target groups are: doctoral and post-doctoral students, pre-tenure faculty and early career researchers. In order to prepare, the workshop requires prior reading. A list of 15 papers will be sent upon acceptance and the participants should have read them all before the course starts in order to engage in the discussion.
Teaching methods
Participants will engage in intensive sessions with faculty, where they not only actively engage in discussions related to the insights offered by the faculty, but also, if desired by the participants, receive feedback on their own research. The format of the course provides ample opportunity to discuss participants’ own work in progress.
Course type
Summer School
Consecutive days
Online course
Duration (net days)
Course fee
€ 350
Direct e-mail to register
Paper submission required?
If desired, participants can receive feedback on their own research and paper.
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